Save up together, use Potje

Potje helps friends, colleagues and families to easily save up or raise money together. Whether it’s an unforgettable holiday, a social fundraise, a fun day out or a legendary gift, Potje got you covered.

*Potje = a Dutch word for a shared savings pot or a piggy bank.
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We safely store the money in a secure environment. Supervised by the Dutch Central Bank and EU PSD2 rules.
The app handles all payment requests, keeps track of who has already paid and sends reminders to those behind.
With a super clear visual representation of the pot statistics. Everyone in the group is always up-to-date.
Enjoy the process of saving up for any dream. Send each other messages and start dreaming about your next savings goal.
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Awesome holidays

We help you to collect money for an awesome holiday or a great weekend away. Deposit, for example, a monthly amount for a fixed period.
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Fun activities

Are you going to organise an activity and does it have to be (partly) paid for by a group? A shared pot is useful to collect the money in advance. Believe us, it will prevent the hassle afterwards.
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Unique gifts

Would you like to give a gift together with your colleagues or ask for a contribution for your own birthday? Collect money in a pot through a one-time contribution or share an open donation link.

Save together without the usual hassle...

We help the organiser of the group, or as we call it 'the money boss'. No more complicated administration, no more hassle with non-payers and no more thousands of questions about how much money is in the pot. Potje will take care of it.

The app also provides insight into the finances for the entire group. This way, everyone can see who has paid on time or who has not. In addition, everyone will receive some motivational reminders.

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Pricing Potje

Simple and up-front

We charge a one-off amount for a pot and deduct this amount when you pay out. This makes that everyone in the group contributed.

A pot up too 100 Euro costs €2.50

A pot up too 500 Euro costs €5.00

A pot exceeding costs €10.00

Pay with known payment methods

Pay via usual payment methods in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can transfer money from any bank to the pot and easily save with all your friends or colleagues.

Betaalmethodes iDeal & Bancontact

Why Potje?

Potje is the tool to achieve a savings goal. From now on, it is super easy to become the money boss of a group. "But for what kind of situations?'' you will say. Well, no explanation needed, see it for yourself!

Betaalverzoek & donatieverzoek

Very useful for...

Whether you want to raise money for a social cause, your birthday, a sponsored activity or want to save together for a holiday, gift or event. You can personalise Potje to your needs.

As an example, you can save monthly with the group or let participants decide for themselves how much and how often they contribute.

Photo's from our users

Our users save up for all kinds of goals, such as:

A yoga training gift for Sharon, a fundraising campaign by JO15-1 for an international football tournament, a weekend in Copenhagen with the besties, a corporate winter sport from the organisation PTB and a Thalys trip to Paris with the boys.

Security first

The money is safely stored separately under the supervision of The Dutch Bank, the Central Bank of the Netherlands. This means that Potje complies with Dutch and European legislation.

This allows you to save up safely via Potje, for yourself or together with others. Good to know: you can pay out the money from the pot at any time.

Betaallinkje Potje

New! Share a payment link outside the app

Share a payment link to the pot via WhatsApp or email. Participants can pay without installing the app. Very useful for one-off contributions.

Betaallinkje Potje

In the news

Read more about Potje.
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See the answers on frequently asked questions.
What can I use Potje for?
Potty is perfect for raising money for a specific goal. Think of a holiday, a fun day out or for a fundraiser.
Where is the money safeguarded?
The money is safely stored separately with our partner Online Payment Platform and is supervised by The Dutch Central Bank.
Who controls the pot?
The person who creates the pot manages the pot = the money boss. This means that he or she sets the savings goal, can invite friends and determines how to save.
How do we save together?
Payment requests can be added to each pot. For example "Wessel must transfer €75". Wessel can complete this task by completing the payment process.
Can I also save alone?
Yes sure, no problem. You can create a pot for your own use. Maybe it helps to actually save, instead of spending it when a temptation arise.
Can donations also be made?
Yes, the money boss of the pot can create an open payment request. This means everyone can choose how much and how often they pay.
Can I hide my amount?
Would you rather not let others see how much you have contributed? With an open payment request you can hide this from others. You and the recipient of the pot can always see this.
Can I see the statistics per participant?
Yes, by clicking on someone's profile photo you can see exactly which payment requests are still open and which have already been completed. Or click on the savings amount or savings bar.
How much can we save through Potje?
Potje is there for large and small amounts. There is no minimum, but there is a maximum. A maximum of €20,000 can be saved.
What is Potje less suitable for?
You cannot use Potje as a checking account. Potje helps you and your friends/colleagues to raise money for a specific purpose and then you can spend the money from the pot yourself.
Does everyone have to download the app?
No, that is not necessary, as a money boss you can share a payment link to the pot. Very useful for one-off contributions. Tip: if you are really going to save up together, make sure you all download the app for reminders and a clear overview.
How do we pay out the pot?
When you have finished saving, the money boss can pay out the pot. The amount is then deposited into his or her account. Good to know: the pot can paid out at any time you want.
Is Potje only for saving or also for...?
Potje helps groups to save, in other words by helping the group with multiple transactions per person. However, you can also use Potje to collect money once, whereby everyone only transfers money one time.
Is the financial data secured?
Yes! These are stored securely and anonymously according to European legislation. You can even raise money via Potje without sharing your bank details with others.
Who is Online Payment Platform?
The payment process in our app is provided by partner Online Payment Platform. This organisation is licensed as a payment service provider by The Dutch Central Bank.
How many people can participate?
Potje is made to use together as a group. There is no limit to this. You can also create multiple pots and get help with different savings goals.
What if we achieved the goal?
Congratulations! Great that you achieved the goal. You can now pay out the pot and gain inspiration at the inspiration market for your next goal.
What is the inspiration market?
You can find great savings goals via the inspiration market. Through our partners we have unique deals for you and your friends! From holidays to gifts and fun activities.
Do you have any tips for Potje?
We'd love to hear that! Feedback or new ideas are more than welcome. Send an email to
Do you have any tips for me?
Certainly! For example, set a GIF as your profile photo, choose a nice nickname and click on the bell to send someone a personal message.

Want to try!?

Create your pot now in a super simple way through our pot generator. We are ready to save together for every goal!